• COVID-19

    March 15, 2020

    1FC measures to keep our staff, families and clients safe during the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak:

    Through an abundance of caution, we at 1FC are adhering to the recommendations by the Governments and Health professionals of Canada to maintain social distancing which means minimizing and if possible, eliminating face to face contact. To accomplish this and still service our existing and new clients, we are fully implementing a virtual 1FC office which will have the following features and policies:

    • Effective Monday, March 16th, 2020, our office at 269 Queen Street will be closed to the Public; however, the front door mail slot will allow for document drop off (we do prefer electronic transmission of documents if possible – see below). Please write on the cover of the envelope to whom the documents are for.
    • An encrypted document portal for clients to securely upload their documents required for investments or tax preparation. The link and instructions will be posted on this home page.
    • UPDATE: The secure (encrypted) upload link for client documents is now listed at the bottom of this post as well as on the Secure Upload Page.
    • Encrypted emails to send confidential information between parties. We have invested in a secure email system whereby clients can let us know they need to email confidential documents (more info to follow)
    • Our advanced phone system will be updated to allow for our staff to receive calls from home, the office or cell phones.
    • We understand that some clients may not be comfortable with some of this technology but we are here to help. We also ask that clients that do not have email to please utilize the assistance from a family member’s email where we can send password protected, secure documents. The password will be communicated via phone or other means.
    • Verbal instructions can often be taken for reinvestment of GICs that have come due.
    • We ask that payments for services be made by email transfer (electronic) if possible. More details will be provided with invoices.
    • This website will be updated to discuss other important items such as GIC rates, e-file forms that require signatures, investment forms etc.
    • More information to follow

    During this unprecedented time, we wish for you and your families to remain safe and stay healthy.

    Sincerely, Tom Rowett, Karsten Doose, Birgit Radda and Jennifer White

    Secure File Upload Link:

    Note: Please click the image below and follow the instructions. Please ensure that after you clicked the link below and filled in your information and you have dragged your file(s) to the portal, you must verify your email after submitting (as per instructed). This means you will receive a confirmation email from CLIENT TRACK PORTAL that requires you to click VERIFY EMAIL ADDRESS in order for the files to be sent.

    Secure Signature Image

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